Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blog features

I've been featured in 2 blogs today:

Judit wild has a blog called "then and now" where she displays works artist did when they just started compared to their current work. It is so great to see how people developed and evolved in their work. My feature shows a work I did when I started creating jewelry. I was working with simple wire then, not silver. I still like this piece. Maybe I should re-create it in sterling silver and offer it in my store. The current work is a simple textured square silver pendant with a red Agate stone.

1987 2009

"Stuff under $20" is a blog dedicated to helping those who like to shop for nice things but are on a tight budget. N + S find cool and pretty stuff that costs less than $20!!! They choose to display my Fleur De Lis earrings, one of my latest creations.


down and out chic said...

i saw your earring on stuff under 20 and i think they very sweet. love the handmade feel and the shape is quite lovely.

ALfa studio said...

Keep up the good news
the more blogs that feature yuo the better :-)