Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearance sale to make room for new jewelry designs

A new year is a great time for new beginnings. One of the things I like doing as a new year begins is to refresh my shop. I think it's important to have new jewelry designs all the time so that people will enjoy coming back to visit. Not to mention that it's much more fun for me to create new jewelry and not repeat myself all the time.

So now is the time when I evaluate my jewelry and decide which items to keep and which I want to take out of my line. This is not an easy decision. As the creator I do get attached to all of my jewelry.

So how do I decide what stays and what goes? popularity of an item is one criteria. I have a few items that are my "stars" or best-seller and those obiously will stay in my line. But this does not mean that any item that doesn't sell well is taken out. Many times I have found that taking a better picture of an item or even making a small change to it, can turn it around and it will suddenly begin to sell.

More often I just take out items that are from older collections or items that I got tired of making.
I am a big believer in making small series of each design. After all, that is the purpose of handmade isn't it? Having something you will not see on every person you meet.

So I have created a new section in my store "clearance sale" where I put a few items that I do not intend to re-make after they sell. If you like these jewelry designs, this is your chance to get them and even get a nice discount.

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petite hermine said...

Your jewelry is amazing! Saw your interview on Linda's blog :) Great job!