Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Personalized gift wrapping

I always find that the way a gift is wrapped is a big part of the fun in receiving a gift. Who doesn't like receiving a beautifully wrapped box and wondering what's inside? All my jewelry are always nicely placed in a pretty gift box ready to give as gifts. But with Christmas just around the corner I discovered many Internet sites displaying great ways to personalize and upgrade your gift wrapping so I thought I'd share some of these ideas here.

 1. Photos - printing a photograph of the Recipient of the gift and placing it on the gift is a super cute and easy way to personalize your wrapping.  

 2. Drawing your own wrapping paper. Instead of using a standard wrapping paper you can use a simple white paper and let the children draw some cute pictures on it. Or you can make your own drawings on brown paper with a silver pen. You can use stencils if you need some help.
Children drawing wrap
Hand-drawn gift wrap

 3. Another cool way to add color to your wrapping is using yarn to create a rainbow-like look.

Yarn rainbow wrap

4. If you are a bit more artistic you can weave a nice pattern around your package. It takes a little work but it looks awesome.

Weave-like gift wrap
5. Bows and flower are always a nice embellishment and if they are hand made, even better. Here are some cute ideas for bows and flower you can make yourself to add to your gifts. They are made of simple materials like magazines or cupcake paper.    

1. Cupcake paper flowers

I have found all these wonderful ideas while browsing around Pinterest. Feel free to check out my cool gift wrapping board there for more ideas.

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Mary C. Nasser said...

What wonderful ideas...but simple enough, too! Really love the photo idea and the silver marker drawing on brown paper!

Thank you for these idease!

I look forward to trying both!

All the best,
Mixed-Media Map Art