Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How many items can you make per day?

When I first started making jewelry professionally, I could only make a few items per day. Before going to craft shows I would have to check if I had enough items to fill my table. Building an entire collection seemed to take forever.

Since then I have learned that in order to run a business you need to have enough inventory all the time and for this I needed to make more items per day.

My "secret" for getting more done in the same amount of time is simple: I work on several items simultaneously. I never make one item from start to finish. Instead I do all my wire bending of all the jewelry I am working on, then all the soldering, then the filing etc. When I am done I usually finish a large bunch of items all together. I discovered that this is much more efficient. Making 4 items together takes only a little more time than 1 item alone. So I try to work in series of items at once instead of working one at a time.
You are welcome to share your tips for more efficient work.


morcha said...

Goes the same with me, althought I don't consider myself "professional". I bake (not make) in advence lots and lots of beads and keep the final step of putting them together until I got enought beads to make several items

Down and Out Chic said...

these pieces are so unique. they're fantastic! i especially like the (i can see visualize it on my finger as i type) :)