Thursday, October 15, 2009

The road from jewelry to home decor

I have been making jewelry ever since I can remember myself. Though I tried and explored many different techniques and art forms, I always somehow channeled everything back to jewelry. Like when I studies stained glass the result was a line of stained glass jewelry, my knowledge in crocheting turned into wire crochet jewelry etc.

Now with my new colorful metal store, Rainbowmetal, I decided to break this path and try something completely new for me. So I started making some small home decor items like magnets for the fridge, metal paintings to hang on the wall and mezuzahs for the door. This is really fun for me. I get to work in larger scales than I am used to which opens up new possibilities. I also get to decorate places instead of people which is a nice change. It's like I'm making jewelry for houses!!

The magnets were the first thing I expanded into. I guess it's logical since they are small and very similar to pendants or brooches. Then I wanted to decorate a plain door I have at home, so I came up with the small decorative tiles. I'll try to make a "before and after" post to let you see how it turned out. A friend who had a baby recently inspired me to start the metal paintings for nursery's and children rooms. I really love the result. And so I go on expanding my artistic horizons. Have any more ideas for me?


סטודיו said...

Beautiful stuf, good luck!!

Ayala Levinger said...

Metal paintings... that is an interesting idea! lovely result!