Sunday, June 13, 2010

New bubbles line

After a long time of absence, I am resuming my blog. So what's new?

Summer is almost here and I have been working on many new designs. One of the motifs I have been working on is - bubbles!

This is such a fantastic motif for all seasons and especially for summer. So I've been making jewelry designs that are made of or filled with lots of bubbles in different sizes.

In some of these new designs I focused on metal only. Summer is the time of year where you might wear very colorful outfits and a neutral, sterling silver item can fit perfectly with anything.

In other designs I have included gemstones as well that compliment the bubble design.

So, hope you like my new bubbles jewelry. More designs in this line will follow soon as well as other new designs that I will be listing shortly.

See you soon!

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