Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thin stackable bangles

My latest favorite jewelry items are thin stackable bangles. The idea to start making them came to me when I was making an order for a thin stackable ring. I started thinking this would look nice as a bracelet as well. So I made a few and listed them in my store.

I have made some colorful ones with various gemstones and some others with silver elements like a butterfly, teardrop, leaf etc.

Usually I am not a bracelet fan. As I once mentioned, I am more of an earrings person. But these bangles are really fun. You can hardly feel you are wearing them and they look so cool and chic. I suddenly find myself enjoying wearing bracelets!

You can wear these alone or stack a few together if you like a chunkier look. I will be developing more variations and designs to expand this line of bangles. So if you like them, be sure to check back soon for some new stuff!

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