Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 designing techniques

When I want to make some new designs, there are 2 basic ways in which I can approach this: one is the "free your mind" technique and the other is the "challenge yourself" technique.
Free designing is the easiest, more conventional way. You think of ideas, make some sketches or any other way you prefer to write down your thoughts, than you get the supplies you need and begin making the design you planned.

The challenge technique is where you set a specific limitation and need to invent a design that takes that limitation into account. When I was in metalsmithing school this was the technique they used to develop our creativity. We would get a theme and make a related design. For my graduation project we has to design jewelry inspired by a children's book. I choose Hensel and Gretel and made a necklace shaped like candy and chocolate.

As an independent designer, there's no one to give me such challenges but I did find one way to challenge myself and be economically wise at the same time . Most of the time I design free of any limitations. I think of a design and simply make it. But every now and then I sit and look at the supplies I have in stock. Gemstones, findings, silver wires etc and I challenge myself to come up with designs that utilize what I have. This is of course a wise thing to do in any business, but it can also be fun from a designing point of view. A lot of my most popular designs were actually born this way. Fun and useful - that's a good combination don't you think?


Mama Mayborne... said...

thanks for sharing your design tips. i often think about what i have in stock before i design a piece, but designing first then searching for supplies is much more fun!

Lily said...

I agree with you:)
I like to read your posts,your tips are great.Keep on sharing them.