Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winter colors - White Gems and Pearls

I wanted to write another post about the colors of winter and thought about white. Though it's not exactly a color of winter, it's more like an all-year-round color, It does goes great with winter time. Maybe because the color reminds me of snow (as we don't have much snow in Israel, I'm fascinated with snow when I get to see it). Usually the darker colors are more dominant in winter but you can never go wrong with white!!

There are several white stones that I've used in my jewelry. There's Opalite which is a synthetic stone with a pale semi transparent white color. I love the delicate color of this stone. There are also Jade and Crystals.

But the top Queen of whites in jewelry is without a doubt - pearls.
These treasures of the ocean (or more common - treasures of sweet water growing farms) have a magical shade of white like no other. I love using pearls in my designs. It gives them a classic look that combined with a modern design turns out rather chic don't you think?

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