Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not all all that glitters is gold!!!

Most of my jewelry is sterling silver as this is my personal favorite color and material. Even in the rare cases when I wear gold, I prefer white gold. However, there are many people who love the color of gold or prefer gold jewelry because they are sensitive to other materials. For these people I have started developing my goldfilled line of jewelry.

What is goldfilled? Gold may be a desired metal but it is also a rather expensive one. Several alternatives were developed for those who want gold but prefer their jewelry in a more affordable price level. Gold coating is one option. A thin layer of gold coats another less expensive metal. Because the coating is thin this eventually wears out. So this is not a good solution if you are allergic or if you want a jewelry that will last for long. Sometimes you can send the item to be re-coated.

Gold filled is another alternative. It is made of a solid gold layer bonded to another base material . Goldfilled has about 100 times more gold than in gold plating. It is more durable and with normal use will probably last forever. No need to worry about allergies, if you can wear gold, you can wear goldfilled. For these reasons it is my preferred option for gold jewelry. You get almost the same look and feel as gold at a fraction of the price.

So here are some of my new goldfilled designs. I will be listing many more in the coming days so be sure to check my store for more stuff. Enjoy.

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