Friday, November 14, 2008

Gemstones - and nothing more

Yesterday I went shopping for some supplies. I bought some beautiful Torquize stones and some fresh water pearls strands. You should be seeing this in the designs I'll be making soon. It's always fun visiting a gemstone store. All the gorgeous colors and forms. It's really hard to choose from all the great variety of stones available. This time I 'played it safe' and focused on classics that I've used in the past. Torquize and pearls always give great results because they are just soooo beautiful. Occasionally I love to buy some unknown gemstone that has caught my eye because of it's unique color or it's shape. I find that sometimes the stones are so beautiful that I really don't need to do much to create a beautiful jewelry piece with them. I just focus on the chosen gemstone and it does all the work for me. The flower carved Nephrite stone necklace in the picture is a good example. You can see more in my new gemstones jewelry collection.

If you're interested in gemstones, I will be writing some posts about different gemstones and their qualities, so be sure to follow my blog to see that.

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