Sunday, November 23, 2008

So much to do, so little time!!

I've been busy in the last couple of days working on my website and listing new items in my etsy store. This is a busy time of year and there's so much to do. Being a one person business, this means working harder than usuall to get things done. Luckily I got much of my photographing done last week so I have some material to work with. Today is rainy and grey so it's a perfect day for indoor working in front of the computer.

These are some nice items I've recently listed:

This pendant is from my lace collection. I like the way the picture turned out.

These earrings are in my favorite color - purple. I wasn't sure I wanted to sell them because I wanted them for myself, but eventually I decided to sell them. They are one of a kind as I only made this one copy of them.

I have listed some more items, feel free to visit my etsy store and take a look.

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