Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I never follow fashion trends

I have been thinking and drawing some sketches for my next jewelry collection. I plan to use a lot of colors in this line which got me thinking about trends.

Every season there are some colors that are declared as the season's colors. If you wish to be trendy you need to follow those colors and other fahion guidelines. I never do this. I prefer to make my choices based on what I like and what I think goes best with my design.

Sometimes I get lucky and the trends follow my taste and style. For example, purple which has always been my favorite color, is the hot color for the coming winter season. So all my purple jewelry will now be relevant and trendy. But does that make them more beautiful that they were last year?

When I create my jewelry designs I want them to be timeless and to reflect someone's own personal style. Trendy means you're in today and out tommorow. It also means you're letting someone else decide what you'll be wearing.

So I don't follow trends. What I do is regard all trends as recommendation only. If I like it and it goes with my style, I'll embrace the trend, and if the hottest trend is a color or style which I don't care for, I'll ignore it.

Going back to my new planned jewelry line, the colors that I'll choose will reflect my style and (hopefully) your style. I'm sure I'll have some purple items, which will be trendy this winter, but I will also have many other colors so that anyone will be able to find their own stylish item regardless of current trends.

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