Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some thoughts on photographing jewelry

Today I spent the day taking photographs of my jewelry. Having an online business, this is a very important matter as this is what will determine if you like my items or not. Photographing jewelry is very difficult, especially jewelry made of metals, like silver, because it is shiny and reflective.You wouldn't believe how many shots I need to take of each item untill I get one that I like and can use in my sites. Professional photographers have special equipment to help them catch the jewelry piece in the best way. As I am not really a professional photographer my only equipment is my camera. It's not a professional camera but It is a very good camera that can take real close up pictures. To get the best lighting I usually do my photographing ousdoors. I've done some experiments to find the best time of day to take pictures and I try to take as many as possible at that time. Winter time is sometimes tricky because of rain or just a cloudy day with not enough light. But we have plenty of sunshine in Israel so this is not a big problem.
I've also been experimenting with different backgrounds to find which gives me the best results. My past pictures were taken on a white neutral backgroung. In my last photo shootings I tried to make the pictures more interesting by using other backgrounds. I used branches and leaves from my garden in some pictures and today I tried with a dark grey background that I think looks rather elegant. Hope you think so too.

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